Laundry Washing Service HCMC – Free Pickup & Delivery

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Laundry Washing Service HCMC

How Vy Vy Works

  • Step  1: Shipper contact you to pickup clothes
  • Step  2: Sorting laundry (wash each machine separately for each customer)
  • Step  3: Soak, handle stubborn stains by hand
  • Step  4: Wash by hand
  • Step  5: Wash with a dedicated washing machine
  • Step  6: Drying and steaming
  • Step  7: We Deliver

Why Choose Us

Laundry Washing Service HCMC

PICKUP & DELIVERY at your doorsteps. 7AM – 10PM EVERYDAY, most of districts of HCMC. Freeship for all customer


Our selective cleaning facilities with high quality detergents, professional process, dedicated laundry & dry cleaning experts to make sure your items are clean, beautiful, safe and remain like new.


Laundry & Dry Cleaning, DONE! Guarantee no delay, no damage for your items. Book service easily in seconds via Hotline: 0779.731.410 We handle the rest for you, all happens at your doorstep. Transparent, hassle-free & absolutely no worry!


We charge much cheaper prices than laundry at your Hotel or most of other local vendors. Remember, pickup & delivery at your doorstep! Transparent, no hidden cost, no unwanted surprise. The only surprise most likely is the quality because we commit for the excellent service at the price you won’t believe!

Vy Vy Laundry currently freeship orders in HCMC. You can call Vy Vy on the hotline 077.973.1410.  Time : 7AM-10PM everyday at HCMC

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  • Cửa hàng giặt ủi Vy Vy
  • Địa chỉ: 84 Nguyễn Sơn Hà,P5,Q3
  • Phone: 0779731410
  • Email:
  • Website:
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